Monday, February 25

Visit to Adobe

My last day in San Francisco and managed to organise a meeting at the Adobe Office in the centre of town. Their offices are very impressive, and looked like a pleasure to work in.
I met with Josh and Ryan from the mobile and design teams, and they were both extremely nice guys, and very open to a chat. We discussed various aspects of Flash Lite development; all agreed that the lack of Flash Lite at the GDC conference was very disappointing and the opportunities going forward for Flash on the mobile platform is really exciting.
I hope that Fluid Pixel can develop a working relationship with Adobe, as I believe it would be a pleasure to work for them, and it would be great to be an integral part of the Flash Lite, Flash Home and Flash Cast platforms going forward.
Obviously I can’t talk about some of the more interesting that we spoke about but let’s just say mobile Flash isn’t going away anytime soon!

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