Tuesday, July 22

Entrepreneurship in the UK

I've been back in the UK for a few weeks after my whirlwind trip of the US and it's certainly strange to be back.

Its interesting to see some of the culture differences regarding entrepreneurship coming up already, such as the speed that things happen here in comparison to the States and the cautious attitude to everything remotely risky by all those involved.

I am so far fighting the ability to fall back into this attitude, which is helped by being surrounded with some great people here in Middlesbrough who have the ability to rise above and beyond the expectations people have on them.

I'm slowly coming to terms with things here, but I think it will be a while before getting fully back into the business. The good thing is there are still plenty of opportunities around and I've already had some interesting discussions about moving some of the exciting project that are in development moving forward (ZiiMo and BluGo)