Thursday, August 6

What I'm up to...

I was asked by the Kauffman Foundation for an update about what I'm currently up to which I'll re-post here:

Fluid Pixel is coming to the end of its second year, which has been great for us. Our turnover has increased by 400% on last year and we now have three full time employees on the development team. We're working on a few larger projects across mobile platforms and the web and have worked with Oxford University, Adobe, Nokia, IGT and NFP Technologies. Our latest iPhone game Cleopatra that came about from the trip to Tahoe last year has just been released onto the App Store.

ImobiGo, the mobile marketing company in conjunction with Tony Solon has also now received funding from NStar to enable it to get through the proof of concept stage and we're looking to secure some additional funding to take it to market. Development on this will start in earnest this month and we expect to have the system up and running for Christmas.

I was also asked about what my top three business needs are currently:

> Bringing on executive board members for both ImobiGo and Fluid Pixel
> Readying Fluid Pixel for growth through developing processes and
> business management policies Securing additional funding

Interesting times, I'm looking forward to the year ahead.