Tuesday, June 24

Almost Over - return on the 6th

My adventure to the US is almost over, but before I return to the UK I'm doing a bit of travelling on the West Coast with some of the other Fellows.

Starting in Vegas with 5 people, we flew to San Diego and have driven up the coastal path taking in as many sights as time would allow in a two week period. Including Huntington, Hollywood, Malibu, Morro Bay, Paso Robles, Monterey, Carmel, Santa Cruz, Yosemite, Palo Alto and San Francisco.

At this point the group slip up leaving just two of us to take on Seattle, Vancouver, Whistler and Chicago before returning to the last possible oppertunity on the Visa, 5th July, arriving in London on the 6th July.

This blog will still be home to my thoughts and lessons on entrepreneurship so keep checking for updates.