Thursday, February 21


In the afternoon we a meeting with Uday Kumar from iRhythm, who have a revolutionary cardiac-rhythm monitoring device. Uday was very enthusiastic, and showed that even with no knowledge of the business world, it is possible to form a great team, and start up a successful company. His dedication showed, and it was an inspiring talk, especially as he is coming from a similar position to myself, with lots of specialist skills, but little business background.

I have learnt from Uday's first hand expereince that dedication, hard work and enthusiasm for your idea are a great place to base a business from. Along with a lot more hard work it is possible to start a business in a short space of time, and raise significant funding, and also build a team.

Uday was very inspiring and a businessman who is less than a year down the line from where I am now, so he had lots of relevant knowledge, albeit in another field. Overall he had the right mix of technology speak, with business insights and really inspired enthusism from me and the group.

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