Friday, January 25

Ted Zoller

Sessions with Ted Zoller "New Venture Boot Camp".

Ted made some excellent points on entrepreneurship and it’s benefits to the economy of nations. It was interesting to see the cultural differences between America and the UK in terms of their views on entrepreneurs and the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur in America compared to the UK. It was also interesting to see statistics on the growing economies of the developing nations, and the speed in which they are growing compared to the stagnant G6 countries. Ted also imposed on us the responsibility we have as entrepreneurs on building up wealth, which was a sobering viewpoint.

I learnt the need to look globally at the economies and interests of all nations, not just the usual candidates such as the US and Europe. There were some useful lessons on the reasons for pursuing entrepreneurship and the roles we have to fulfill. Especially revealing were the principles of understanding the appropriate business model for the type of business I am in, including looking at whether they are destructive, an application, a service or a platform. Ted was also very good in explaining the principles of the Value Proposition, and how to bring this important concept to our businesses. The time spent defining and developing the Value Proposition for my business was extremely useful. Finally Ted introduced me to the idea of the business’ beachhead, where the market, innovation, business and financial models overlap.

The time we spend with Ted was extremely constructive, and the knowledge that he shared will be beneficial in progressing my exploits in entrepreneurship, especially at this moment so early in the pursuit of a highly successful company. I am excited to hear what Ted has to say further at our next session.

Ted was an extremely capable speaker, who captured my attention throughout the session, and provided enough time for discussion and questions throughout the day to keep the seminars entertaining and interactive.

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