Thursday, January 31

Management of Innovation

A Melissa Schilling talk on business strategy and the anaylsis of both technological innovation and market adoption.

It opened my eyes up to various areas of business that I was aware of, but didn’t have an understanding of the reasons why things happen as they do. Melissa has armed me with some tools to further understand markets in terms of technological advances and consumer adoption. It’s always interesting to take a step back from the direct results of business and try and look at the deeper reasons for why things happen, and understand the direct consequences of changes in technology and the markets.

Melissa covered many exciting topics during her presentation. I was particularly intrigued with the topics on cycles of technology, deployment strategy and market adoption. There were so many aspects that I wasn’t aware of, and many of the underlying principles that she spoke of made complete sense to me as to why things happen in business the way they do.
I will be reading the book Melissa has written on the subject, and then reading further into the interesting topics of the limits and curves involved in technological advances and consumer adoption.

The presentation including a huge amount of extremely useful and insightful information that related directly to my business and the market that I am pursuing.

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